Kids Free And Enjoying Life

My life journey never quite revolved around children. I have been growing up as an only child and decided early on in life to not have any children. When I made that statement public (to friends back then) they thought I was not serious. But I was.

Many years went by since then and I did hold true to my statement not to have children.

My journey was still full of challenges, despite the fact that children were not part of my life. It was not always such an easy road. However, I look at all of it now with great appreciation and gratitude for the life journey that I call my life.

I learned a great deal about myself, what I want and don’t want and what makes the essence of who I am.

There is a great deal of personal development and spiritual expansion in my life and I love to pursue my visions and dreams.

And saying that, there would be no expansion and fulfillment for me, if my path didn’t include other people. We all form part of the greater union here on Earth.

Early this year I have been inspired to create a community group for women who are kids free (either by choice or by circumstance) and who would like to meet with other such women. The group’s purpose is to help to establish long term friendships and connections.

If you live in or know someone like that in Brisbane (Australia), come join us.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak about my story and about our group on the Brisbane 612 ABC Radio station in a program called Drive. It was an interesting experience for me.

I encourage any kids free women who don’t live locally to start their own group and form strong local communities.

Here is the link to our group:


Brisbane, AU
118 Kids Free Women

Welcome Kids Free Women!This is a community of women who don’t have kids. Whether you are single or partnered, you are welcome. However, as we want to create lasting friendsh…

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