The Power of A Woman On A Mission

women on a mission

Today is 8th March and as such is a celebration of an International Women’s Day. It is our opportunity to bring to our awareness the many achievements that women today accomplished. It is also time to reflect on the rights and privileges of women around the world and to consider how lucky we women in the civilized western cultures are.

My reason for this post today is not only the fact that it’s the International Women’s Day, but also because I want to acknowledge all the women in the world who pursue their own personal development. Those women who are not satisfied only with being a daughter, wife, mother and partner. Those, who are interested in their own growth and improvement.

Many women are eager to change something in their lives, or about themselves.

It’s the power of women on a mission who step out of their comfort zone and go towards grander goals in their life.

I meet with women on a mission often either as my clients or a group members (as I run two meetup groups in Brisbane). They are motivated to improve their situation and are ready to be inspired and guided.

I salute all the women who are ready and committed to improve their life. They strive to reach the fulfillment that awaits anyone living a life on a mission.