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An empowering day retreat for you if you are looking to

Rebalance, Recharge and Redesign your life.

What you will gain:

* A new roadmap for your life
* More clarity about your future
* Calm down your mind
* Create a desired vision
* Get away from the stress of life
* Promote healing of your body

What we provide:

* Comfortable group size
* Fun and easy to do activities
* Engaging and inclusive space
* Manual for life included

Plus years of experience and study of healing modalities, spiritual wisdom and personal development practices that work in everyday life.

Date of the retreat – Sun 6 May 2018.

Location of the retreat is in Everton park, North Brisbane, Australia.
Facilitated by Hana Rubinstejnova & Katherine Steevens.

Full price of this retreat is $199.
Bring a friend for FREE if you book by end of April.
Concessions available, enquiry below.

Your expressions of interest:





This ‘article’ has been published on my other site, and I thought it appropriate to bring it forward to this page as well. The reason behind this is to bring our awareness to all the good things about this lifetime and to appreciate our existence.

I trust you will benefit just by reading the below text and pondering about the other possibilities of this sentence.


How would this sentence continue if you were the writer?
How many sentences can you come up with?

The best thing about life is…

The best thing about life is that it’s one opportunity not to be missed.

The best thing about life is that it is a limited edition and so forth valuable.

The best thing about life is each morning I get to wake up.

The best thing about life is living it.

The best thing about life is there are unlimited possibilities of how it will look like.

The best thing about life is having a loving family.

The best thing about life is giving.

The best thing about life is it’s unforgettable.

The best thing about life is the magical moments of creation.

The best thing about life is there are other people to talk to.

The best thing about life is it’s unpredictable.

The best thing about life is it has chapters. It has beginning, middle and end.

The best thing about life is the creation of nature.

The best thing about life is it’s free to start with.

The best thing about life is we only have to do it once in this form.

The best thing about life is we get to repeat our mistakes until we learn from them.

The best thing about life is people who spread love.

The best thing about life is it never ceases to exist.

(I would love to read your comments below this article)




The below is a real manual for a fulfilling life.

We have been working on this material extensively, in collaboration with Life Mastery Consultant Katherine Steevens. What we have put together is a step-by-step guided program in which we have used a blend of experiences and skills from Life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Spiritual coaching and Quantum physics.

It is both an information filled material, as well as a workbook in which you fill in the blanks.

It’s a stand alone product, which if followed as instructed can potentially transform your life and help you create a life by design.

And if you, after completing the material, still need guidance in following through on your vision, feel free to contact me through the contact form on the bottom of this page.



And why would this be the best Christmas present? Because it can assist you in living the life you want to live, rather the live a life by default.

Learn some amazing Universal laws and principles of success and create a masterpiece of your desired life. You are here on purpose. What you do now can be a decision of your life. It will either be , that you do nothing about this life enhancing product, and then will keep enduring life and feel like there is no way to get what you want. Or you will act upon getting this material now and then working through it diligently. Your life will turn around and can become life that you truly love living. The choice is up to you now. Get it now, while it’s at this LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE! It will save you on many coaching or counseling sessions.

Valued at $297    INTRODUCTORY OFFER ONLY $27.





Make year 2017 the year that you truly feel like you live on purpose.



My Greater Life Mission. Can You Relate?

What’s my calling? Life Purpose?

The other day  I had been offered an opportunity of a lifetime and I took action. It was a rather major breakthrough for me and offered me a greater sense of freedom in my life. If I described in detail what it actually was, you might be surprised to find that it actually meant so much to me. So I’ll just leave it at saying so much about it.

However, I will share with you what I realized as a consequence of the life improving event. I wrote down and clarified my life mission.

Here it is. If it resonates with your calling, feel free to contact me. Will be glad to co-create with you, respectively help you on your path through this life.


To create joyous experiences.

To grow and expand my & universal consciousness via the instrument of thought.

To move people including myself out of their current limiting beliefs into their full potential.

To have fulfilling creative experiences.

To inspire people to think differently about their life & experiences.

To feel abundance of life & resources.

To help others do and become what they desire.

Share with more people that all life experiences, including what is called “Mental Illness” are part of growth and transformation.

To help break through the stigma of “Mental Illness”.

To bridge the beliefs and understanding of main stream medicine with the wisdom of “natural healing”

To show people the real greatness of who we are and what our bodies & maladies reflect about our beliefs and thoughts.

To use knowledge & awareness from Psychosomatic therapy, Body reading, mind modalities such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy to create solutions for people’s problems.

To be a living example of recovery & new found purpose in life.

To inspire others to move out of their ego state into their full beingness.

Realize the oneness of all there is and the bigger intention behind this life experience.

To give people even more than HOPE can ever be. Beyond hope – KNOWING.

Have Your Say And Share Your New Year Resolutions

New year 2015 is here and with it comes the opportunity to start something new. To set new goals, dream big again and visualize a bright future.

What is your year 2015 going to look like in respect to your health and relationships? Where will you be in 2015 and what will you be doing differently than in the previous year? Do you have plans for this year and want to proclaim them publicly, so that you feel more accountable towards their completion?

Take this opportunity to share your views and plans in the below poll and the field below.

Make it a great year full of love, health and energy.

What is coaching and how can it benefit you?

Life brings us many challenging situations. Coaching helps us to get a fresh perspective and gets us from where we are to where we want to be.

Every successful person has a coach or a mentor. They know that their coach is there to help them to get clarity on their goals in life, to offer guidance and to ask powerful questions that inspire change.

To be coached by a professional coach is simply to have a guided conversation about a challenge that is important to you.

The difference between coaching and consulting is that a consultant gives advice from their own experience on the subject, whereas coach uses techniques and questions and guides the client to find their own answers. When we are able to come up with our own answers and solutions, they are more congruent with our values and we are more likely to take an action towards achieving our goals.

Whether you are looking for improvement in your health, for the ideal life partner, for new spark in your current relationship or other related personal challenge that you want to get through, contact us to organize a private coaching session and design the life you want.

To book a private coaching session with your coach in Brisbane use the form at the bottom of this page here.

Testimonials from Hana’s coaching clients:Testimonials