North Brisbane Self-Improvement Meetup group

I have established this group this year to enable people to come together and grow together in personal development. This week we had our first meeting and it was a success. We got together, shared information, some of our experiences and had a good fun evening.

It was an atmosphere of understanding, encouragement, support and learning. After this first meeting, there will be a regular meeting about once in a month.

As there was more people interested than what we could accommodate, we split the group into separate evenings, so each topic will have one repeat evening.

If you live on the north side of Brisbane, Australia, or know anyone in this area, come and join us.

To find out more, visit:


NEW North Brisbane Self-Improvement Group

Personal Development Group in North Brisbane

Self Improvement Meetup Group in North Brisbane

This group is a brainchild of mine that I wanted to create for some time now. So with a new year I took the opportunity to create this meetup group and put some effort into it.

In case you live around North Brisbane (or know someone here who would be interested) come and join the group of like minded people who strive for improvement and self help in their life.

You can find more details on this link:

Looking forward to meeting you at one of our next meetings.

Have Your Say And Share Your New Year Resolutions

New year 2015 is here and with it comes the opportunity to start something new. To set new goals, dream big again and visualize a bright future.

What is your year 2015 going to look like in respect to your health and relationships? Where will you be in 2015 and what will you be doing differently than in the previous year? Do you have plans for this year and want to proclaim them publicly, so that you feel more accountable towards their completion?

Take this opportunity to share your views and plans in the below poll and the field below.

Make it a great year full of love, health and energy.

NOW Is The Best Time To Do What You Desire!

New Year Resolutions

Fulfill Your Desires

Have you ever postponed a desired action through the year and waited for the best opportunity? Whether it be something inspiring that you want to start doing in your life, or new direction you want to be heading, perhaps even new relationship you want to take into the next level…

Let me give you the necessary permission that you’ve been waiting for to start: YOU ARE ALLOWED. And the best time is NOW. With the new year 2015 upcoming in the next few days, there is never going to be a better time than now.

Decide and act upon your decision. Have a meaningful existence on this planet.Live a life of inspiration and be an example to others.

Wishing you the best outcomes in your endeavors and feel free to share your success with others via comments on this post.

Christmas Wishes To Our Followers

At the year 2014 comes to close and Christmas time is upon us, I would like to make a wish. To all the people who were, are and will be affected or touched by anything written at this website. May your Christmas bring you joy and happiness. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, let the silly season bring you time to share with family and friends.

And as for the new year resolutions, if you do set those, make sure that they align with your own values. May the year 2015 bring you stronger health, loving relationships, inner peace and loving kindness towards others.

And when you need help and guidance with designing the life you want contact us through the form below.

Have Your Opinion or Story with Depression Published

I am currently writing and completing a new book on the topic of depression.

It is a compilation of individual stories of people who suffered with depression, plus variety of opinions shared on this topic with me by other Health professionals.

If you had an experience with depression or are a Health professional treating depression you can have your say in the book.

For more details, please contact me below.

What is coaching and how can it benefit you?

Life brings us many challenging situations. Coaching helps us to get a fresh perspective and gets us from where we are to where we want to be.

Every successful person has a coach or a mentor. They know that their coach is there to help them to get clarity on their goals in life, to offer guidance and to ask powerful questions that inspire change.

To be coached by a professional coach is simply to have a guided conversation about a challenge that is important to you.

The difference between coaching and consulting is that a consultant gives advice from their own experience on the subject, whereas coach uses techniques and questions and guides the client to find their own answers. When we are able to come up with our own answers and solutions, they are more congruent with our values and we are more likely to take an action towards achieving our goals.

Whether you are looking for improvement in your health, for the ideal life partner, for new spark in your current relationship or other related personal challenge that you want to get through, contact us to organize a private coaching session and design the life you want.

To book a private coaching session with your coach in Brisbane use the form at the bottom of this page here.

Testimonials from Hana’s coaching clients:Testimonials