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An empowering day retreat for you if you are looking to

Rebalance, Recharge and Redesign your life.

What you will gain:

* A new roadmap for your life
* More clarity about your future
* Calm down your mind
* Create a desired vision
* Get away from the stress of life
* Promote healing of your body

What we provide:

* Comfortable group size
* Fun and easy to do activities
* Engaging and inclusive space
* Manual for life included

Plus years of experience and study of healing modalities, spiritual wisdom and personal development practices that work in everyday life.

Date of the retreat – Sun 6 May 2018.

Location of the retreat is in Everton park, North Brisbane, Australia.
Facilitated by Hana Rubinstejnova & Katherine Steevens.

Full price of this retreat is $199.
Bring a friend for FREE if you book by end of April.
Concessions available, enquiry below.

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This ‘article’ has been published on my other site, and I thought it appropriate to bring it forward to this page as well. The reason behind this is to bring our awareness to all the good things about this lifetime and to appreciate our existence.

I trust you will benefit just by reading the below text and pondering about the other possibilities of this sentence.


How would this sentence continue if you were the writer?
How many sentences can you come up with?

The best thing about life is…

The best thing about life is that it’s one opportunity not to be missed.

The best thing about life is that it is a limited edition and so forth valuable.

The best thing about life is each morning I get to wake up.

The best thing about life is living it.

The best thing about life is there are unlimited possibilities of how it will look like.

The best thing about life is having a loving family.

The best thing about life is giving.

The best thing about life is it’s unforgettable.

The best thing about life is the magical moments of creation.

The best thing about life is there are other people to talk to.

The best thing about life is it’s unpredictable.

The best thing about life is it has chapters. It has beginning, middle and end.

The best thing about life is the creation of nature.

The best thing about life is it’s free to start with.

The best thing about life is we only have to do it once in this form.

The best thing about life is we get to repeat our mistakes until we learn from them.

The best thing about life is people who spread love.

The best thing about life is it never ceases to exist.

(I would love to read your comments below this article)




The below is a real manual for a fulfilling life.

We have been working on this material extensively, in collaboration with Life Mastery Consultant Katherine Steevens. What we have put together is a step-by-step guided program in which we have used a blend of experiences and skills from Life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Spiritual coaching and Quantum physics.

It is both an information filled material, as well as a workbook in which you fill in the blanks.

It’s a stand alone product, which if followed as instructed can potentially transform your life and help you create a life by design.

And if you, after completing the material, still need guidance in following through on your vision, feel free to contact me through the contact form on the bottom of this page.



And why would this be the best Christmas present? Because it can assist you in living the life you want to live, rather the live a life by default.

Learn some amazing Universal laws and principles of success and create a masterpiece of your desired life. You are here on purpose. What you do now can be a decision of your life. It will either be , that you do nothing about this life enhancing product, and then will keep enduring life and feel like there is no way to get what you want. Or you will act upon getting this material now and then working through it diligently. Your life will turn around and can become life that you truly love living. The choice is up to you now. Get it now, while it’s at this LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE! It will save you on many coaching or counseling sessions.

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Make year 2017 the year that you truly feel like you live on purpose.



Is Life To Be Survived Or Enjoyed?

Well, what is your answer to the question in the title of this post?

Whatever your answer was gives you a hint into your perception about life.
Let me ask you another question: If you are watching TV, are you finding TV news uplifting or depressing? Are the news reflection of the reality you are living or not?
Do you believe there is more suffering in the world than there is beauty and joy?
Well, if you are on the side of ‘suffering’ and negative perception of life, you might find my following words challenging to believe. However, if you give yourself a permission to stretch your current beliefs and opinions, you will be able to see what I am saying.

Here is an example you might find interesting to ponder about.

Two brothers were involved in the same car accident. Neither of them got hurt. Afterwards, they were exchanging their experiences of the accident with the police officer. One brother was describing the situation his way and the other brother had another description of the accident. They were both perplexed at the different view of each other.

Does this situation remind you of one from your own life? Maybe you had an argument about something that was very obviously wrong to you, yet another person could not meet you at the viewpoint you were expressing?

Arguments like that can start from little misunderstanding of our different points of view and so called reality that we perceive as being the truth.

What you might find interesting to know, is that each person on the Earth has a different reality. “That’s nonsense!” I hear some of you say. Yet, science and the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (which looks into changing your life through changing your internal representations of the world) in particular, proved that each of us sees the world very differently. That is the base of so many misunderstandings.

If you are perhaps a little confused what I mean by this, keep reading and let me explain.

We perceive the world around us mainly through our five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste). You will surely know, that animals see and hear different things and frequencies than people. That is one example of us viewing the reality around us limited. The true reflection of reality is much more than our 5 senses can help us to comprehend. The world around us is only a reflection of our internal mental map.

This will sit with you if you’ve ever felt like there is more to reality of life than you can see, hear, touch, smell or taste. Maybe you felt like your life doesn’t reflect your life purpose? Maybe you are at times disillusioned with the world view or society around you?

Guess what! It’s your reality and you can change it. Yes, you are fully able to create the desired life that you want to be living in. Not by fighting against dragons, but by re-creating your internal map. There is a great and true statement: ‘Change your mind and the world around you will change too’.

Once upon a time I heard a joke about the Dalai Lama:

Dalai Lama went to New York and saw a hot dog stall on the street. So he decided to be naughty and get a hot dog. He goes to the stall and orders a hot dog, giving the guy in the stall his money. The guy sees that it’s Dalai Lama and decides to play with him. Dalai Lama sees that the guy is not giving him his change, so he asks: “Where is my change?” And the guy in the shop responds: “The change comes from within.”

Whether you see the world as scary and full of suffering and injustice, or you see it as a magical, full of unlimited potential and opportunities, it’s UP TO YOU!!!!

Yes, you. The truth is, that your current view has been conditioned since you were a little child. By your carers, family, society, church if so, and other factors. When you were growing up, your mind has formed a view of the world around you based on your beliefs about it. If your parents didn’t have enough money to spend on what you wanted, and told you that you simply can’t have all you want, because there is not enough of it, you might still believe that even as a grown up.

Another person, who may have grown up in similar financial situation, yet whose carers or parents helped him to have different values and encouraged him to go after his desires, empowering him to believe that it’s possible to have it all, has a very different ‘map of reality’. If you look at what is called ‘successful’ people, be it some well known millionaires or billionaires, or people who made a big difference in this world, you learn that they have a different beliefs and values.

It’s not how we were living as children that must define our future life. Many people still live in the past of hurts and limitations. Yet we are born fully ready to experience life to the fullest potential. The joy that you can see in very little children, before they experience restrictions passed onto them by the society and parents! Yes, that joy. It is our birthright to feel that way even as adults.

If there is something holding us back from being joyous, than it is the misuse of our own mind. The beliefs that were passed onto us, and which helped to form our personality and reality are ONLY JUST BELIEFS. And it’s up to us, if we keep them or change them to suit us.

I will give you an example. Some people believe that the Earth is flat. Some people believe that there is someone called ‘THEY’, who is here to control our world and lives. Some people believe that the earth will cease to exist if we don’t do something about our ‘devastated’ environment. Some people believe, that Vegan lifestyle is the only way for our future. What is your belief? Check which one of these challenges you (you either laugh at it or you shake your head in disbelief).

So here I go to tell you, that we are the creators of our own and collective reality. Your life path in this world is not restricted by your upbringing, your education or your location or environment. It is defined by the beliefs you hold about all aspects of life and yourself.

Here is my suggestion, if you feel like you are intrigued to have a solution to your life.

Become aware. Become the watcher of your thoughts. Reflect upon what beliefs challenge you most.
Then go into silence and discover who you are without the personality that encompasses you. Who would you be without the beliefs that you hold as truths? Who would you be without the doubts that you hold?

Live a life on purpose. And then again you might like this quote from W. Dyer.

“I am a realist….I expect miracles.”

Kids Free And Enjoying Life

My life journey never quite revolved around children. I have been growing up as an only child and decided early on in life to not have any children. When I made that statement public (to friends back then) they thought I was not serious. But I was.

Many years went by since then and I did hold true to my statement not to have children.

My journey was still full of challenges, despite the fact that children were not part of my life. It was not always such an easy road. However, I look at all of it now with great appreciation and gratitude for the life journey that I call my life.

I learned a great deal about myself, what I want and don’t want and what makes the essence of who I am.

There is a great deal of personal development and spiritual expansion in my life and I love to pursue my visions and dreams.

And saying that, there would be no expansion and fulfillment for me, if my path didn’t include other people. We all form part of the greater union here on Earth.

Early this year I have been inspired to create a community group for women who are kids free (either by choice or by circumstance) and who would like to meet with other such women. The group’s purpose is to help to establish long term friendships and connections.

If you live in or know someone like that in Brisbane (Australia), come join us.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak about my story and about our group on the Brisbane 612 ABC Radio station in a program called Drive. It was an interesting experience for me.

I encourage any kids free women who don’t live locally to start their own group and form strong local communities.

Here is the link to our group:


Brisbane, AU
118 Kids Free Women

Welcome Kids Free Women!This is a community of women who don’t have kids. Whether you are single or partnered, you are welcome. However, as we want to create lasting friendsh…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Awakening & Kundalini Rising – New Book

Back in 2009 Hana went through transforming experience of Kundalini awakening & rising. If you never heard this term, it relates to a dormant energy centered in the bottom part of the human body that can be activated during one’s life time and while it pierces through the whole body it creates an interesting transforming experience for the individual. Hana actually had this experience while at a meditation retreat. The events and what followed after the retreat are detailed in her book ‘Driven By Kundalini‘, which was published recently.

If you are on a lookout for a life changing story, here is the one you want to read. To get the paperback book, click here “Driven By Kundalini“.

When you finished reading the book you can come back and tell us what you feel about it. There is a testimonials page on this website  where we would love to hear your feedback.

New Book On Depression Is Out

If you ever suffered with DEPRESSION or know someone who does, you might be pleased to know that there is a new book out on the subject. During the last year I collaborated on this project with other people who dealt with depression. From this came together a unique book that is now available in PAPERBACK.

Here is the link to get your own copy of this special skinny book, designed to be easy to digest. ORDER NOW AND SAVE 25%: http://www.lulu.com/shop/hana-rubinstejnova/driven-by-depression/paperback/product-22494911.html



My Greater Life Mission. Can You Relate?

What’s my calling? Life Purpose?

The other day  I had been offered an opportunity of a lifetime and I took action. It was a rather major breakthrough for me and offered me a greater sense of freedom in my life. If I described in detail what it actually was, you might be surprised to find that it actually meant so much to me. So I’ll just leave it at saying so much about it.

However, I will share with you what I realized as a consequence of the life improving event. I wrote down and clarified my life mission.

Here it is. If it resonates with your calling, feel free to contact me. Will be glad to co-create with you, respectively help you on your path through this life.


To create joyous experiences.

To grow and expand my & universal consciousness via the instrument of thought.

To move people including myself out of their current limiting beliefs into their full potential.

To have fulfilling creative experiences.

To inspire people to think differently about their life & experiences.

To feel abundance of life & resources.

To help others do and become what they desire.

Share with more people that all life experiences, including what is called “Mental Illness” are part of growth and transformation.

To help break through the stigma of “Mental Illness”.

To bridge the beliefs and understanding of main stream medicine with the wisdom of “natural healing”

To show people the real greatness of who we are and what our bodies & maladies reflect about our beliefs and thoughts.

To use knowledge & awareness from Psychosomatic therapy, Body reading, mind modalities such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy to create solutions for people’s problems.

To be a living example of recovery & new found purpose in life.

To inspire others to move out of their ego state into their full beingness.

Realize the oneness of all there is and the bigger intention behind this life experience.

To give people even more than HOPE can ever be. Beyond hope – KNOWING.

Cover Girl in An Entrepreneur Magazine

Hana Rubinstejnova in Bliss in Biz Magazine

Hana Rubinstejnova in Bliss in Biz Magazine

At the beginning of April 2015 I was featured on the cover of a Bliss in Biz magazine for international Entrepreneurs. My short life story, together with an interview given to the magazine and an article I wrote about our mindset can be viewed by subscribing (for free) to the online app of this magazine.

My cover girl story can be also read by clicking on this link:

Let me know what inspired you most when you read the story.


The Power of A Woman On A Mission

women on a mission

Today is 8th March and as such is a celebration of an International Women’s Day. It is our opportunity to bring to our awareness the many achievements that women today accomplished. It is also time to reflect on the rights and privileges of women around the world and to consider how lucky we women in the civilized western cultures are.

My reason for this post today is not only the fact that it’s the International Women’s Day, but also because I want to acknowledge all the women in the world who pursue their own personal development. Those women who are not satisfied only with being a daughter, wife, mother and partner. Those, who are interested in their own growth and improvement.

Many women are eager to change something in their lives, or about themselves.

It’s the power of women on a mission who step out of their comfort zone and go towards grander goals in their life.

I meet with women on a mission often either as my clients or a group members (as I run two meetup groups in Brisbane). They are motivated to improve their situation and are ready to be inspired and guided.

I salute all the women who are ready and committed to improve their life. They strive to reach the fulfillment that awaits anyone living a life on a mission.