My Greater Life Mission. Can You Relate?

What’s my calling? Life Purpose?

The other day  I had been offered an opportunity of a lifetime and I took action. It was a rather major breakthrough for me and offered me a greater sense of freedom in my life. If I described in detail what it actually was, you might be surprised to find that it actually meant so much to me. So I’ll just leave it at saying so much about it.

However, I will share with you what I realized as a consequence of the life improving event. I wrote down and clarified my life mission.

Here it is. If it resonates with your calling, feel free to contact me. Will be glad to co-create with you, respectively help you on your path through this life.


To create joyous experiences.

To grow and expand my & universal consciousness via the instrument of thought.

To move people including myself out of their current limiting beliefs into their full potential.

To have fulfilling creative experiences.

To inspire people to think differently about their life & experiences.

To feel abundance of life & resources.

To help others do and become what they desire.

Share with more people that all life experiences, including what is called “Mental Illness” are part of growth and transformation.

To help break through the stigma of “Mental Illness”.

To bridge the beliefs and understanding of main stream medicine with the wisdom of “natural healing”

To show people the real greatness of who we are and what our bodies & maladies reflect about our beliefs and thoughts.

To use knowledge & awareness from Psychosomatic therapy, Body reading, mind modalities such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy to create solutions for people’s problems.

To be a living example of recovery & new found purpose in life.

To inspire others to move out of their ego state into their full beingness.

Realize the oneness of all there is and the bigger intention behind this life experience.

To give people even more than HOPE can ever be. Beyond hope – KNOWING.