What is coaching and how can it benefit you?

Life brings us many challenging situations. Coaching helps us to get a fresh perspective and gets us from where we are to where we want to be.

Every successful person has a coach or a mentor. They know that their coach is there to help them to get clarity on their goals in life, to offer guidance and to ask powerful questions that inspire change.

To be coached by a professional coach is simply to have a guided conversation about a challenge that is important to you.

The difference between coaching and consulting is that a consultant gives advice from their own experience on the subject, whereas coach uses techniques and questions and guides the client to find their own answers. When we are able to come up with our own answers and solutions, they are more congruent with our values and we are more likely to take an action towards achieving our goals.

Whether you are looking for improvement in your health, for the ideal life partner, for new spark in your current relationship or other related personal challenge that you want to get through, contact us to organize a private coaching session and design the life you want.

To book a private coaching session with your coach in Brisbane use the form at the bottom of this page here.

Testimonials from Hana’s coaching clients:Testimonials




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