“Health and relationship coaching” can help you to have a greater sense of fulfillment, to make conscious choices about your life, and create achievable goals.

1. Have you ever wanted to pursue your passion yet didn’t think it’s possible?

2. Have you ever seen individuals who struggled with extra kilos all their lives to finally breakthrough their barriers and lose the weight they always wanted to lose?
Next thing you know they’re showing their ‘before and after’ photos to everyone they meet and people get inspired.

3. Do you or someone you know need assistance in overcoming Depression? Be it the occasional blues or pervasive clinical depression ?

4. Have you ever met a couple who went through many relationship challenges over the years and now are a great example to their peers?

5.Have you ever met a person, who, after being single for a long time, finally found the soul mate of their life?

6.Have you ever been overwhelmed by an issue in your life unable to make a decision what to do next?

7. Do you suffer from disillusion with life? Deep down knowing that there must be more to life than what you are currently experiencing?

Well, if you answered YES to at least one of the above, than I can help you.

  • Increase your well-being and levels of accomplishment
  • Help you to realize your dreams and goals
  • Develop and hold on to an optimistic perspective

My name is Hana Rubinstejnova and I am qualified and certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Psychosomatic Therapist and I’m here to support you and guide you in the process of designing the life you want to live.

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I offer you my time and experience in a

  • private one-on-one sessions
  • group workshops
  • coaching support via email
  • Skype coaching.

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